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2016 Counters Through the Week


Dustin has worked on several bird monitoring projects, including point count surveys and banding operations, and has always been interested in hawks. He began studying hawks more intensively after experiencing them in the hand, when he understood how incredibly fine-tuned they are to survive in a challenging world. Educated in ecology, he enjoys observing the natural world and sharing insights with non-scientists about the need for environmental conservation.

MONDAY-TUESDAY: Natalie Cypher 

2016 will be Natalie's rookie year as a contract counter for Detroit River Hawkwatch.  However, she brings many years of experience as a recreational hawk watcher at the site.  She is an avid birder and has been banding hawks as a volunteer at Lake Erie Metropark since 2011, in addition to many other bird-related volunteer projects over the years.  Natalie is a true local - a graduate of University of Michigan-Dearborn and lifetime Downriver resident.  Combining her passions for wildlife, conservation, and education, she currently works as an Educator for the Michigan DNR.  When she's not out on a nature trail, Natalie also enjoys gardening, cooking, crafting, volunteering at the animal shelter, traveling with her husband, and exploring new adventures and hobbies!

MONDAY: Pat Mulawa

Pat is from Taylor, MI and has been coming to the count for over twelve years. He is passionate about birding and hiking and is able to spend more time in the field since his retirement from Detroit Marine Terminals where he was an accountant for over 31 years. He enjoys counting raptors and spotting the rare birds. This is his fourth year as an assistant counter.

TUESDAY: Rosemary Brady

A resident of Michigan since 1979, Rosemary had always been a casual birder, but only discovered the spectacle of raptor migration along the Detroit River in the early 1990s at Lake Erie Metropark's September HawkFest. She and her late partner, James Lichorat, were instantly hooked and became active with Southeast Michigan Raptor Research where Jim was instrumental in securing corporate sponsorship for the first professional counter at the Hawk Watch. Before retiring she worked 34 years as a chemist and laboratory manager at AkzoNobel Coatings,Troy MI. One of the great pleasures of being retired is that she can spend more time at the Hawk Watch. Rosemary also serves on the Detroit River Hawk Watch Advisory Committee.

WEDNESDAY: Andrew Sturgess
A graduate of the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Andrew moved to the Great Lakes Region to sail on the freighters in 1974. During the course of his career on the lakes, he observed that the state motto about seeking a pleasant peninsula was indeed correct and has made Michigan his permanent home. Now retired, he looks upon the Hawk Watch as an opportunity to further his knowledge and feels blessed to observe first hand one of nature's miracles in action. Andrew is a key assistant counter nearly    
                                     everyday throughout the whole season.
THURSDAY: Raburn Howland

Raburn has committed nearly 20 seasons to this hawk watch. He has been studying birds as a hobby for many years and has been a member of the Cornell Feeder Watch since 1989. Raburn is from Ann Arbor, MI where he has been working for the University of Michigan in some capacity for over 30 years, mostly in the academic administration field.

FRIDAY: John Elliot

A long-time volunteer of the hawk watch, John brings over 20 years of experience studying raptors at the mouth of the Detroit River. He is retired from Ford Motor Company, but is extremely active in volunteer pursuits, including the Red Cross blanket committee and year-round sports events for his son.

SATURDAY: Don Sherwood

Don is a Taylor, MI resident and a Community College Biology Professor. A life long birder, Don's been participating in this hawk watch since the early 90's. His experience as an assistant bird-bander, raptor rehabber and Christmas Bird Count volunteer fueled his interest in hawkwatching. Don's experience in teaching college-level Biology brings valuable experience to the organization.

SATURDAY: Joy Barron
Joy is a Michigan birder from St. Clair Shores who has been volunteering for the Detroit River Hawk Watch for the last few years. She has birded from coast to coast, participated in the Hawk Watch at Cape May, New Jersey, located California Condors in Big Sur, California, observed zone-tailed hawks in Arizona, and found snowy owls in Michigan, among many other adventures.

SATURDAY: Janet Fox 

Janet is a birder from Port Huron. This is her fourth year volunteering with Hawkwatch . She is a member of Blue Water Audubon Society, circle compiler for the Blue Water Christmas Bird Count and River Steward at the Blue Water River Walk in Port Huron. Janet also enjoys combining her passions of birding and traveling.

DRHW Advisory Committee

Rosemary Brady
Dave Ewert, Director of Conservation Science, The Nature Conservancy
Joe Hemming, International Wildlife Refuge Alliance Board Member
Raburn Howland 
Jerry Jourdan 
Greg Norwood, Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service 
Will Weber, Hawk Migration Association of North America
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