Count Data

DRHW makes data available after each count day on an on-line database called HAWKCOUNT provided by the Hawk Migration Association of North America (HMANA) and is available on the Hawk Count Monthly Summary page. Season summaries and former analyses are available for download on the Publications page of this website.
Viewers of HawkCount will see that DRHW has hawk watch data from multiple sites. These locations were former experimental sites that are no longer in use and are referred to in the database as "DRHW - location".
These data can be combined with data from other hawk watch sites in North America to provide insight into the distribution and abundance of migratory birds of prey. The monitoring program is largely a VOLUNTEER effort. Researchers can request use of the data by contacting Steve Dushane at 
Seasonal Hawk Movement

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Figure 1. Seasonal distribution of raptors through Lake Erie Metropark and Pt. Mouillee between 01 September and 30 November.  Results based on data collected between 1991-2008 and is displayed on a log-linear plot.